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We are keen to provide high-quality cat litter, insist on exploring product innovation, improve the quality of life of cats, strive to create a clean and healthy living environment for cats, provide customers with professional cat litter product solutions, grow together with customers, become the best cat litter wholesaler.

Excellent Quality

Carefully select raw materials to produce high-standard cat litter.

Arrive Quickly

Mature supply chain system, low cost and fast arrival.


Customized production and design packaging to meet different customer needs.

Customer Care

Focus on communicating with customers and providing professional and sincere services.

social responsibility

Our commitment to social responsibility extends beyond simply providing pet products. Our team comprised of dedicated pet lovers, That’s why we’ve established Cat Rescue Fund, where a portion of the profits from every order is allocated.We actively engage in rescue missions and provide aid to stray and sick cats, helping cats find loving home.

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고양이 쓰레기 도매업자
It uses high-quality bentonite powder as raw material, and is processed into spherical shape through processes such as water droplet removal and drying. It has excellent adsorption and agglomeration properties.
Traditional Bentonite Cat Litter
Оптовик Наполнитель Для Кошек
Tofu cat litter is made from ingredients such as pea fiber and corn starch. It is made through exquisite processing and can be added with different flavors and spices. It has excellent deodorizing ability and clumping performance, and is also low-dust and easy to clean.
Tofu Cat Litter
Atacadista De Areia Para Gatos,Pemborong Pasir Kucing
After extrusion, crushing and screening, sodium bentonite is added with activated carbon, deodorizing factors and other substances to effectively reduce dust and extend its service life.
Sodium Bentonite Cat Litter
Mixed cat litter is based on tofu cat litter, adding other cat litter, retaining the advantages of tofu cat litter, and at the same time enhancing deodorizing and other properties, it can also control costs and enhance market competitiveness.

Mixed Cat Litter

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Usually we require a 20 GP as the minimum order quantity, and the minimum order quantity for the first cooperation is 1 ton.

Yes! You only need to pay for the express delivery.

Generally, we use existing packaging. If need, we can use your packaging or design packaging for you.

We will keep samples before shipment, which undergo strict quality testing before leaving the factory and support third-party testing.

The payment method is T/T, minimum 30% advance payment, and the balance is paid before shipment.

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